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These photography projects explore the loose boundaries where human influence comes in contact with nature, the fluctuating identity of perspective. I am also interested in examining how photography relates to how we actually see. I view photography as an intuitive process, which results in images that emphasize abstracted compositional elements, similar to drawing or painting. Effects originate "in-camera." 

Blur Rain is comprised of 12 digital photographs that present darkened, compressed, and obscured moments. A specific set of space-time conditions exploring perception and proximity.

I have traveled this road so many times. The series Road Fog reflects a condition of this road and the changing nature of place.

Strata is a group of photographs exploring areas of built up and excavated layers revealing similar, also specific, and yet distinct areas. At once obstruction and revelation.

The series Back Road is a group of photos where a limited part of the image is in focus. 2020 was filled with disorienting destruction and devastation where we faced political atrocities and pandemic. Much of what we faced is not within normal limits. Many coped and adapted by using alternative means and measures. A back road is a secondary road usually found in rural areas. 


Overcast is a series of 24 digital photographs that depict blurred and compressed space, creating abstracted, often painterly images with selective areas of focus. Overcast is the weather condition of clouds or fog covering or obscuring the majority of the sky.

Polaroid photography was developed to be seamless and easy for anyone to use. The characteristic soft focus and easy accessibility undermines a sense of formality and produces a small single image that invites close viewing. 


Inside Out explores the poetic language of the forest and how the complexity of growth and resilience in nature is reflected in how a person is influenced and develops.


"The mature forest tree is an outstanding example of interaction between the hereditary characteristics of an organism and its environment." -- The Tree and Its Environment, H.A. Fowells and Joseph E. Means


The series Field Study is a group of Polaroid photographs exploring landscape topology as a way to identify, understand, and map rural landscape and the fluctuating identity of space.

Rural horizon photograph
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