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I am interested in landscapes and figures that explore relationships and raise questions about perception, materiality, and impermanence. The layering of abstracted images, and the use of reflections and blur allows for multiple perspectives and the suspension of logic, which fosters a tension between revealing and concealing.

The series Disaster is a group of paintings where I use photographs of disaster events or their aftermath as a reference for compositional structure, then overlay that foundation with imagery that explores abstracted landscape spaces. Each of the disaster images, sourced from open media, provides access to moments that have not been widely seen before our era of ubiquitous photography. The pictures contain subjects that are beautiful and traumatic, essential and horrific. The disaster imagery provides a painted framework that is both revised and obliterated with my continued painting, and eventually transformed with new meaning, often with remnants of the original image remaining. This process refers more broadly to the way trauma forces disruption and creates a framework that can lead to an evolution of renewal and replacement that is built upon it.

I have extensively photographed the Virginia forest and rural landscape around my home in both digital and Polaroid formats. I have been working on several series of digital photographs using alternative digital processes that explore perception and transience. The images compress and abstract near and distant objects, collapsing spaces, while subverting the camera’s usual, predictable process of organizing a system of understanding around focus, color, and perspective.

I have an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. I worked at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles as an art handler and Curatorial Associate. I owned an eponymous business from 2011-2018 designing and producing wheel-thrown pottery that was sold in over 30 online and retail shops in the US and internationally. My work includes Polaroid and digital photography, printmaking, ceramics, and painting.

Rural horizon photograph