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I work in both painting and photography and am interested in questions about perception, materiality, and power. My paintings are influenced by images and stories about vulnerability with subjects that are often filled with conflict and frailty. I make use of drawing in the paintings to excavate multiple perspectives. 


With the forest and rural landscape of Virginia as subjects in my photographs, I use the camera’s own process and effects to question the usual photographic framework of perspective, focus, and context. This frequently causes the pictorial space to decompose, which allows for the suspension of logic while fostering a tension between revealing and concealing.



Julia Paul has an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and worked at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles contributing to the coordination and execution of large artist and survey exhibitions. She owned a business designing and producing wheel-thrown pottery that was sold in the US and internationally. She has shown paintings as well as Polaroid and digital photographs at numerous exhibitions in the US.

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