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Look In Look Out - Room

I am pleased to have this photograph included in The Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts' 8th International Contemporary Photography Exhibition, April 21 - May 13, 2022, chosen by juror Jessica Roscio.

Photographs visualize the time in which they are created. These works stand on their own while drawing the viewer into what might be beyond the frame; they suggest a larger story. I was drawn to the pieces where something seemed a bit off, out of place, or out of the ordinary, slightly surreal, but still conceivable within everyday life.They could have been found or staged, with an elaborate artist statement or without—something was relatable to make me wonder why it was made, how it was made, and why that particular moment was captured. These photographers merge the past and present, or capture one fleeting moment, but overall stretch the definition of the medium through materials, process, and challenging tradition.

--Jessica Roscio


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