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The Washington Post: "Paul's "Seed Pod" radiantly light."

Mark Jenkins, "In the Galleries" in The Washington Post, reviewed the group exhibition Sequence at Touchstone Gallery in D.C.:

Pieces by D.C.’s Gaylia Wagner and Virginia’s Julia Paul conduct a striking if unintentional dialogue. Wagner’s “The Space Between the Clouds” is an asymmetrical arrangement of steel rectangles, etched with seemingly geographic forms, whose rich patinas are in a narrow range from dark brown to black. Paul’s “Seed Pod” is a photograph made with what her statement calls “an alternative digital technique” that yielded a blur of pink, orange and violet. Where Wagner’s sculpture is overpoweringly dark, Paul’s is radiantly light. -- Feb 10, 2023

Find the complete review here:

SEQUENCE is juried by Maleke Glee, Director of Art + Programming STABLE; Lauren Leving, Curator at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland; and Roddy Schrock, Executive Director, Eyebeam.


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