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Do you write a poem?

Leaves will fall

Lost in the woods looking back

here it is again

where is this from

where does it go

down on the ground layer upon layer

the leaves will fall

building a layer every year every time

lost underneath

who remembers who said what when

who said that, that one time

I keep remembering the same problem, the same slight

slightly different each time

who said what, but like a tap tap tap

every year or two or month or two

cry again wring out the cloth

wipe it up again

where does this hurt again

why does this hurt again

it has moved from one groove to another groove

wrap it up it never heals

i am not able to change the same thing

it’s a queue of the same person the same problem

lined up with the next grievance

call the doctor

find someone

take the memory test

over and over again

remind me where I am going again

where I came from again

we are not lifted up, rise up!

like the leaf returned to the tree

the seed pod put back on the branch

return the memory

find it again

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